“As a swinging romantic balladeer, Freddy Cole has a special position in the pantheon of contemporary American music. Through his work, integrity assumes its artistic identity in terms of pace, character and heart.”– Stanley Crouch

“If you quiet your thoughts and really listen, Freddy Cole will open the door to your heart with a key that you did not even know existed.” – Ruth Brown

“Freddy’s a very, very important voice with a special elegance and quality.” – Joe Williams

“Freddy Cole is one of few true great ones.” – Jimmy Scott

“Freddy bears a standard and is an inspiration to those of us who love the music. It’s reassuring to hear the magic he brings, and it’s reassuring to me that sometimes he chooses one of my songs to sing.”
– Abbey Lincoln

“Freddy Cole is one of my very favorite singers.” – Milt Jackson

“Freddy has that combination of talents that makes a great singer: a wonderful choice of material, phrasing that makes a song believable, and a voice that creates a “deep purple” mood in his ballad singing.” – Chris Connor

“Freddy Cole is a real “Prince of Song,” upholding a noble tradition as only he can.” – Jon Hendricks

“His talent and music are like a fine, rare wine.” – Benny Golson

“The warm and intimate grace of Freddy’s art moves us to more gladly embrace life’s wonder and love’s mystery.” – Grover Washington, Jr.

“He sounds wonderful.”
– Betty Carter